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Chiropractic Care & Joint Mobility

Chiropractic joint mobility visualWhat is our Chiropractic Care Method?

The word Chiropractic comes from Greek origins and means "hand practice" or "by the hand". Our approach is always done manually (by the hand) and can be explained easily. Our chiropractic method is a method that follows the principles of a joint by joint approach. This approach recognizes that some areas of the body have joints that move too much and that some joints don’t move enough causing the joint(s) to not move freely. This lack of free motion can cause a long list of problems including pain in the affected area and cause a cascade effect of strained mobility and chronic conditions in other areas as well. When functioning properly, certain areas of our bodies require mobility while other areas require stability for optimal movement. In the image below, areas highlighted in teal need mobility while the areas in yellow need stability. Areas that move too much are hypermobile joints and areas that have a lack of motion are considered hypomobile joints.

The doctors at Functional Biomechanics assess these joints by using Motion Palpation to diagnose the amount of motion each joint has in your body. Once this is determined we develop a customized treatment plan to mobilize the joints that need motion, but also prescribe proper functional exercises to stabilize the hypermobile joints.

Why do I need motion in my joints?

In each joint capsule we have things called "Mechanoreceptors". These mechanoreceptors supply our brain with information notifying it where that area of our body is in time and space. So, if our joints have perfect movement then we are able to give our brain the best opportunity to utilize all the information needed for that area of the body. For athletes it is very important that every athlete be a 10 out of 10 here  Let’s say you have 8 joint restrictions in your body, this means your mechanoreceptors are not signaling the brain in those areas of your body, thus, robbing your brain of that valuable information. Mobilizing the restricted joints is the approach that we take to achieve the best results strictly from a chiropractic standpoint, but the additional blend of rehabilitation with joint mobilization takes our treatments from good to amazing.  We at Functional Biomechanics use a wide variety of treatment methods and this is just one piece of our "treatment pie".  See our Physical Medicine Pie article for a look at all the pieces we use to get people out of pain and back to performing optimally.