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The Functional Biomechanics Difference

We established Functional Biomechanics with the goal of redefining patients' expectations of health care. We believe our patients benefit from having a wellness quarterback to lead the charge in developing an all- encompassing wellness strategy. Too often healthcare becomes ineffective because there are too many specialists at too many locations who don’t communicate with one another.  This lack of continuity ultimately leads to a breakdown in the recovery process.

Experienced Wellness Providers

At Functional Biomechanics, our services are provided under one roof by a team of providers, including a chiropractor, aligned towards shared goals. If we refer you out for imaging or other speciality services, we work with trusted facilities with which we have a close working relationship.  This allows us to oversee your progress and keep your recovery on track. 

Our providers collaborate and communicate about your care. This allows us to adjust your treatment plans in real time and realign our services to your needs. At Functional Biomechanics, the bottom line is that we are all working towards the same goals: eliminating pain, restoring movement and function more quickly, more efficiently and with better results than you thought possible.


3 Core Blocks of our Treatment Plans

Each patient undergoes a thorough intake process to uncover the primary causes of pain, as well as other underlying issues or concerns impacting functionality and wellness. Once our initial evaluation is complete, Dr. Khavari D.C. works with his team to develop a highly individualized treatment plan. Although the avenues to recovery are different for each case, our plans are created with three main components in mind.

Pain Relief

When dealing with any condition, relief from pain is our first concern. Our care is always hands-on and our treatment protocols are evidence - based and designed to correctly pinpoint the source of pain and the key dysfunction that is causing it. Our providers work with you to develop the right combination of treatments for effective pain relief and structured rehabilitation.

Pre-habilitation or Pre-Hab

We redefine what your everyday functioning looks like by providing structured training and lifestyle strategies that create built-in injury prevention. Whether you have suffered a previous injury or have managed to stay injury free, pre-habilitation (pre-hab) helps you avoid future injury by building up your performance safely. Don’t wait until pain affects your game to learn the importance of injury prevention!

Patient Education

Through every single interaction with our patients, we aim to educate and empower them to improve their wellness. Through in-office conversations, follow-ups, handouts, videos and many other resources, we give you the information you need to understand the treatments you are receiving and the reasoning behind them. We invite questions and input.  Our patients know they are part of a team that is dedicated to prevent future injury and to maximize their performance.

We work to truly understand how your condition is affecting your everyday life and we want every patient to feel comfortable when visiting our center. For more information, be sure to read through what to expect during your first visit. We also have a list of our most frequently asked questions. For additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 480-619-2020.