Rehabilitation | Trimotus


At Functional Biomechanics, we pride ourselves on our individualized rehabilitation programing.  We have taken some of the best therapeutic exercise protocols from all over the world and combined them into an extremely efficient rehabilitation program.  We first start every new patient appointment with a 1 hour thorough examination of the patient, including functional assessments, biomechanical screening, orthopedic and neurological tests.  The information we acquire from the exam can sift through compensation and accurately target causation of injuries.  This information is established on the first visit so we can create your rehabilitation road map.  

Due to the overwhelming information of exercises and treatments on the internet, we sometimes are unsure of what works for you and what hurts you.  We have found that going through this high-level exam can give us a bullseye accurate diagnoses leading to an extremely specific exercise regimen.  The doctors at Functional Biomechanics host and attend the best evidence-based rehabilitation seminars so we can stay up to date and current on the latest advancements in your rehabilitative care.  Our philosophy is to provide the patient with the highest level of examination on the first day so we can give you a proper and specific diagnoses that is evidence-based and informative to the patient so we can achieve the fastest results that last a lifetime.  

The goal of a well-designed rehabilitative program is to re-establish the balance between strong and weak muscles by a specialized blend of remodeling exercises that target your weaknesses.  The amount of knowledge you gain with every visit will give you the tools you need to overcome your injury and perform better on your own.  Functional Biomechanics makes it a priority to give the patient to take charge of your care and empower a desire for self-treatment.  Let our rehabilitation strategy be your guide to getting back on the right track.