Patient Education



Is Chiropractic Safe?

When done properly chiropractic is very safe and natural. TriMotus uses a special blend of chiropractic, therapeutic exercise and extensive muscle and tendon mobilizations that can are extremely effective even without an adjustment or getting cracked.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

Some Chiropractic clinics will take insurance and bill to insurance companies directly. You are expected to pay your copay and any deductibles associated with your insurance. TriMotus, however, does not take insurance. Although, our degrees are in chiropractic, we practice like manual therapists, rehab specialists and chiropractors combined, addressing pain at the root and deliver more treatment then just an adjustment. Our care is comprehensive and with such care we take more time with our patients with advanced techniques that the traditional chiropractor is not providing. Due to this we do not take insurance directly, but we can provide a superbill to our patients where they can directly submit that form to insurance and they may reimburse them directly.

Does Chiropractic Work?

Absolutely! The great news is that when you use TriMotus for your pain relieving and performance enhancing needs we offer a broad spectrum of therapies that has a variety of tools for any issue. We use chiropractic as a tool to provide mobility to joints, but there are many options we can use to get the job done!

What to Expect and What Should I Wear for my First Treatment?

Expect about a 40 minute to 60 minute one on one session with the Doctor. The Doctor will evaluate, examine, and provide a diagnosis. After that there will be a treatment session that will include muscle release techniques to loosen tight muscles, stretching to restricted painful areas. Joint mobilization and exercises to strengthen weak areas of the body contributing to the pain. Please wear clothes that you would wear to the gym for a workout. If you have upper back or neck pain and are female, wearing a tank top and sports bra is recommended.